Collaborative Projects that PERFORM is involved in:

NextBioForm. Centre for development and formulation of next generation biologics.

AceForm4.0 European formulation network.

FORMAMP. Development of innovative formulation strategies, based on the combination of nanotechnology-based delivery systems and antimicrobial peptides (AMPs)

I-tex. The project aims to develop innovative textile antimicrobial or probiotic (bacteria containing) material that, combined with knowledge about infection routes, cleaning protocolls and system- and behaviour knowledge about the healthcare environments, make the local patient environment healthier.

D-Factory. Project where neutraceuticals, chemicals, feeds and fuels are produced from microalgae. An important part of the project is to investigate strategies for formulation of materials produced from the biorefinery into new products.

Kemiikredsloeb. Partnership for substitution of harmful Chemicals in products.

Cleaning innovation. RISE test bed for cleaning and disinfection.

Innanopart. Metrology for innovative nanoparticles.